Chihiro Sato-Schuh

Keramikkunst - Clay art - 陶芸アート


"My work is to make the invisible visible."

   As those first ceramic artists in the Stone Age ("Johmon") would do"Kami" ("gods" in Japanese), "Youkai" ("nature spirits"), Angel or fairy, whatever we human beings call, they, the invisible spirits are there, everywhere, as they were always.

  They come to me, and I give them figure... or they get into my lump of clay... who knows? 

                        Chihiro Sato-Schuh

Catalog "Inspiration Maker"
(48 Pages, colour photos of 21 ceramik works accompanied with texts, in German)

available for €5.-

My recent exhibition...

"Myth for Today"
Gallery Lendbox, Graz, Aistria
may-june 2011

in Lendbox, Graz, Austira (May-June 2011)

The Photos are to be seen in my facebook profile ("Chihiro Sato-Schuh")!
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