Chihiro Sato-Schuh

Keramikkunst - Clay art - 陶芸アート

Michael - 2005

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"Come on, a new adventure begins!” says Michael and pulls me by the hand.

I shriek –"No!  I'm scared!  I’d like to stay here!"

I know: Michael just invites me to an adventure. But that appears for me, a mortal, too daredevil.

Michael says then - "Well, you know that you will go anyway, don’t you?”

He is right. But he knows that being human means uncertainty, which Michael, an immortal, doesn't know.

"OK, Michael. I trust in you,” I say to him in the end.

He rejoices over a further adventure, which he, an immortal, can't realise for himself.


H  44  x  D 25 cm, black clay